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We carry a wide variety of porcelain, ceramic, stone and glass tile. Tile varieties include Puccini, Vitromex, Porcelanite, Samboro, Interceramic, Soci, MSI, Topcu, Tuscana Stone and others. Our hardwood and laminate flooring comes from Mohawk and Shaw.

Porcelain Tile

Porcelain Tile is generally made by the dust pressed method from porcelain clays, which results in a tile that is dense, impervious, fine grained and smooth with a sharply formed face. Porcelain tiles usually have a much lower water absorption rate (less than 0.5%) than non-porcelain tiles, making them frost resistant or frost-proof. Glazed porcelain tiles are much harder and more wear and damage resistant than non-porcelain ceramic tiles, making them suitable for any application from light traffic to the heaviest residential or light commercial traffic.

“Ceramic” or Non-Porcelain Tiles

“Ceramic” or non-porcelain tiles are generally made from red or white clay fired in a kiln. They are almost always finished with a durable glaze which carries the color and pattern. These tiles are used in both wall tile and floor tile applications, are softer and easier to cut than porcelain, and usually carry a PEI 0 to 4 rating. Non-porcelain ceramic tiles are usually suitable for very light to moderate traffic and generally have a relatively high water absorption rating.

Natural Stone Tile

Natural stone tile consists of any product quarried from the earth and can be categorized into marbles, granites, limestones, travertines, slates, quartzites and various other products. Each type of natural stone will vary from piece to piece in regards to color, surface texture, edge treatments, durability and maintenance.

Glass Tiles

Glass tiles can be either cast glass, layered or laminated glass, fused glass or cut glass- each with its own unique appearance and translucency. Glass mosaic tiles are suitable for both internal and external applications, as they are impervious to frost, sunlight and water. They are easy to clean and maintain, and they never discolor, making them perfect for a tile backsplash or other high-use areas.

Glass tiles can be used in a virtually unlimited range of applications: kitchen backsplashes and walls, bathroom backsplashes and walls, showers, borders to soften conventional ceramic tiled walls, highlight external building features, and garden walls, pools, spas, waterfalls – and any applications to suit your imagination.

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